SafeVision: The Driller's GPS


Our software products are designed to provide prioritized, common information to all individuals both on and off the rig. SafeVision, our base software platform, helps solve the problem of data overload by utilizing intelligent processing of common rig drilling data to display, in a very intuitive format, a simulation of conditions in the well below the rig floor.

In the same way that a GPS can help a driver, it enables those in control of drilling operations to make efficient, timely decisions. SafeVision is available in three different, but related versions to meet different drilling management needs.


 SafeKick’s Pressure Control Offerings:

  • Auto Pressure (1-choke)
  • APOD® – Annular Pressure on Demand®
    • 2 Intelli-Chokes®
    • 3 Intelli-Chokes®
  • APODFlow
  • APODFlowControl
  • Safe-MPD®
  • Safe-PMCD®
  • Safe-Well Control®


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 The SafeVision Product Family


Standalone Package

SafeVision - Well Data PackageThe Standalone package uses various well configurations to simulate downhole conditions during various drilling operations. Used for well planning and training. More...

 Office Package

SafeVision - Well Data PackageThe Office package uses real-time or prerecorded data from rig sensors to update well scenario / configuration, permitting enhanced monitoring or replay of actual well operations. The Office Package is ideal for off-site monitoring or review. More...

Rig Package

SafeVision - Rig PackageThe Rig package is essentially the same as the Well Data Package with direct interaction and/or control with some rig equipment to concurrently simulate and help control well operations. More...