SafeKick's Mission Statement

"We're interested in new solutions to old problems."

About Us

SafeKick is a streamlined, collaborative organization founded in late 2009 by a small group of already successful industry professionals seeking to provide solutions, rather than services, to our industry.

SafeKick started by trying to identify weaknesses, or gaps in existing products and practices, particularly those relating to critical downhole relationships during drilling operations.

Gaps were identified in three key areas:

  1. Drilling personnel competency, particularly the ability to "think downhole" in an era of data overload.
  2. Measurement and control of well parameters, particularly relating to mud properties, flow conditions and wellbore pressures.
  3. Ability to visualize and understand current conditions through valuable information rather than raw data as needed for effective collaboration, with a notable lack of a common platform to convey the same information to individuals and companies, both local and remote.

None of these "gaps" are new, but our solutions are, involving products that use optimal combinations of software, hardware and web-based solutions.

Active participation at industry events, conferences and work groups, as well as frequent contact with potential end-users ensures continuing awareness of industry trends and needs.

A Rare Combination

Developed by a rare combination of people with very high technical skills, strong field knowledge and years of experience, SafeKick's Empowered Solutions are designed for use on the rig and in the office, allowing the same data to be shared by all members of the team in real time.

If needed, SafeKick's experts can be brought into the picture to help evaluate and understand the problems and provide some suggestions.

SafeKick's Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

SafeKick's Standard Terms and Conditions

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SafeKick's Leadership

Helio Santos

Jason Hannam
VP of Product Development

Paul Sonnemann
VP of Technology