SafeKick announces the release of its latest product: The remote monitoring software version 1.3 using real time data – Well Data Package – which contains several unique features. With this release, SafeKick is once again using innovative concepts, with several firsts for the industry.

The Well Data Package uses the same sophisticated model used by our Standalone version, which considers all important aspects of the drilling operations – temperature, pressure, pipe rotation,  up and down pipe movement, and cuttings load -  in order to calculate and plot ECD curves. The Well Data Package has been under development for the last 3 years and has been beta tested with more than 20 sections for the last 2 years. Tests have been carried out with wells drilled on land, jack-up and floater rigs, shallow to deep water, inclined and vertical wells, located in North and South America, Europe and Africa.

During this beta test phase a significant amount of feed-back has been provided by the operators, consultancy companies and drilling contractors. This partnership has been instrumental during the product development phase, and has allowed us to reach this current stage.

This latest release of the Well Data Package features operations with the BOP OPEN or CLOSED as well as MPD operations from jack-up or land rigs, all uniquely integrated with the following:

  • Kick tolerance
  • Trip margin
  • Safety barriers tracking and display
  • ECD calculation from top to bottom under all conditions listed above
  • Hole cleaning condition
  • LOT information
  • SCR's (slow circulation rates) history
  • Hole volumes – useful bottoms up time and strokes for well control and standard operations
  • Rig Operation Status
  • Alerts of variables outside a safe window. For example, torque, flow, pressures, etc.

All well construction operations – drilling, connection, tripping, washing, reaming, running casing/liner, cementing, LOT, kicks, … -  are covered and with the Simulation While Drilling capability the problems being developed in the well are very quickly identified, preventing them from escalating. 

Monitoring Well Control Operations:

  • For the first time the industry is now capable of remotely monitoring the well control operation with a unique screen and with all relevant information available to experts located off the rig
  • For the first time all the rig well control lines and surface pressures are integrated into the model for improved accuracy
  • In real time the user can see how far the pressure inside the wellbore is from the limits – pore and frac pressure
  • Standpipe and casing pressures are automatically plotted since the moment the BOP has been closed, allowing confirmation of pressure stabilizations and more accurate definition of SIDPP and SICP

All data is stored and can be played back at any time.

SafeKick can connect the well very quickly after receiving authorization to access the WITSML data from any data provider. In a few hours all users with authority are capable of visualizing the well using a simple internet connection, by clicking on the well on the map (below). This solution is very quick to set up and very economically attractive , providing unparalleled cost-benefit and help to anyone monitoring wells remotely, with features not yet available in the industry.


Together with our Standalone simulator, forward simulation is possible allowing  users to evaluate any remedy work before implementing it, and confirming that the solution is appropriate. This applies to operations with the BOP open or closed.

So far 1 drilling contractor, 3 operators, 2 consulting companies and 1 service company have adopted our products.