August 12, 2013

SafeKick Opens Well Control and MPD Testing Center


After several months of pre-operational stage, SafeKick officially opens its Well Control and MPD Testing Center at its facility in Katy, Texas. The Center is used to test equipment that goes to a rig, as well as test all algorithms, control logic, and software, prior to releasing to the market. The Center has full size equipment capable of generating water kicks, inducing losses, and using the Intelli-Choke™ and SafeVision™ Rig Package version to confirm all software capability related to conventional drilling, MPD and well control are working properly. The Center is also used to test all rig package equipment prior to be delivered to a rig, including conducting FAT.

Phase 2 of the Center will be completed by the end of the year, and will add capability of higher compressibility of the entire wellbore, making it possible to simulate deep wells, having gas kicks with higher pressure, as well as capability of simulating ballooning. At that stage SafeKick will start providing training for rig crews who will be using the package on their rigs.