January 4, 2012

SafeKick Launches First Version of its SafeVision Software Platform

SafeKick announces the commercial release of the first version of its SafeVision software platform. This Standalone version, which does not require access to real time data, is useful for well design, training, simulation of next operations, and “Drill the well on simulator” exercises. It simulates all stages of the drilling process, using very powerful and integrated hydraulic, thermal, mechanical and solids transport models. The accuracy has been confirmed with actual well data, producing excellent results.
SafeVision’s main goal is to provide a clear picture of the well conditions below the rig floor. It displays valuable and critical information that’s needed in order to make correct decisions, instead of raw data as is common today. The software is the first integrated platform covering steps all the way from well design to execution, while also facilitating training and lessons learned. Further benefits include allowing the same information to be shared between those located on the rig as well as remotely, a user-friendly display, and easy-to-run simulations. It already includes unique features such as integrated kick tolerance and kill sheet modules, as well as an advanced trip margin display, with many more features coming soon. Finally, SafeVision simulates drilling and completion operations, including those requiring the BOP to be closed.
Operators and drilling contractors are both realizing the benefits of having a user-friendly, but powerful package to empower their personnel on and off the rig.
The SafeVision Well Data Package, which uses actual well data either in real-time or historical modes, is in the final stages of development and is currently undergoing field tests.
For more detailed information on the products or to request a Demo version, please visit www.safekick.com.